Commercial & Residential

    • Tree Removal

      Either Big or Small trees, we can break down and hand craft our way through them all. Trained and certified specialists get any and every tree out that you need removed.

    • Stump Grindings

      Its never fun when it comes to getting stump grindings out. Our force in numbers is a very valuable asset when it comes to removing tree stump grindings.

    • Pruning

      Pruning techniques are the key when it comes to growing trees or plants. Our certified Arborists have just the right techniques that well keep you satisfied!

    • Deadwood Removal

      With our trucks and space we can pick up and haul all your deadwood away.

    • Tree Planting

      Landscaping is one of our many specialties. We have the architectural look on landscapes to make your land look it’s best.

    • Tree Inventory

      An inventory is important for knowing your land and recourse around you. With our technology we find key marks on your property to get the best growth.

    • Tree Inspections

      We provide a great trained eye to take a detailed look around your trees. Some trees look mediocre at times but may have damage that isn’t unnoticeable to a homeowner. Triangle Tree specializes in inspections on trees.

    • Storm Damages

      Storms are a big cause of unwanted debris. We are more than happy and insured to pick up the damages.

    • Plant Analysis & Diagnostics

      Florida is known for its many domestic and exotic plants and trees. We use the knowledge that we have from are Arborists to determine the best way to evolve your plants to make them the most flourished plants they can be. Taking a good diagnostics of the plants is a key step to learn about it.

    • Lightning Protection

      There are approximately 20,000,000 strikes of lightning every year and giving potential for your tree to be next. Using a safe and defensive method we will protect your trees from lightning using the top of the line equipment.

    • Tree Treatments / Injections

      There are many ways to give the tree a long lasting life. Here at Triangle Tree Service we make sure to use the right method to restore and revive your trees and plants back to life.

    • Tree Structure Evaluation

      Along with a good tree inspection comes a good structure evaluation. We pinpoint accurate spots on older weaker trees that may need some support.

    • Insect & Disease Management

      keeping a close watch on your plants and trees for disease is key. Diseases and pests can be a cause that you might not see. We offer great arbor protection and cover a wide range to subdue all problems on and around your trees.

    • Cabling & Bracing

      Tree Cabling & Bracing is a way to give support to a weak or unsupported spots. Cables are used to give the tree an upright stance, opportunity for growth and life expectancy.

    • Drought Services

      Droughts combined with the hot sun will often be a spreading disaster for your trees and plants. At Triangle we provide vital information to get to the bottom on how to fix any accruing drought problems.

    • Fertilization & Soil Management

      Trees can require an abundant amount of water here in Florida, which then may call for nutrients. Nutrients for trees allow for a great extension on their life span and gives equal sun coverage for the entire tree. Triangle Tree Service provides just that and the right soil management for your trees.

And Much, Much more!